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So a while ago we were hunting for somewhere to put the videos we love making on the web, but noticed something familiar about social video sites - we had to put up with their branding and advertising.

Never ones to be outdone, we decided there was no choice but to make our own video platform - crazy huh? You should have seen our bank managers faces. The thing is, we realised that putting video on the web was going to be a kind of a big deal. vidmeup was born.

The elevator pitch

Vidmeup is the only online platform that gives you the ability to create your own videosite, and share your own unbranded videos.

Now you may be asking "so what the point of this is?"

Let's say you're an avid film maker looking for somewhere to put your work, and you've completed a series of films about surfing. At the end of your beautiful episode involving a guy riding the most incredible 9ft glassy tube at Waimea Bay, would you rather:

have the movie display more of your videos,
or your own logo?


link to a cheap cell phone video of a dog bouncing on a trampoline to Mr Blobby?

We can only hope you didn't say 'B'. Nor did we, and vidmeup wouldn't allow it anyway. We promise.

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If you take your videos as seriously as we do, and you love what you do – vidmeup.