Adding javascript social widgets and advertising.

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Adding javascript to your vidmeup site for social widgets and advertising.

facebook, twitter, google+ etc, widgets and buttons are an excellent way to promote your vidmeup site! – or if you are looking to monetize your site with advertising snipets here’s how to do it.

To add a social widgets and javascript to your vidmeup site facebook you need to place the codes the third party site provides – into a custom theme, to set up a custom theme is easy see this post…

then simply cut and paste the code usually javascript and a snippet into a theme in testing mode.

  • login into dashboard

  • sitemanager

  • modify custom theme in “testing mode”

  • place the code in the desired place on your layout in a <div> tag (we┬ásuggest you place on “index.vmu” so the widget appears on every page.

  • and then click “save changes”

  • don’t forget to then set your theme as “private”

  • select your custom theme and save changes to use that theme


Here is an example of the facebook button below the the video list.






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